Quality service since 1958.

Bulk Transportation is a privately held California Corporation in continuous, uninterrupted business since 1958. Bulk Transportation has remained under the ownership of the Cross family since its founding. Since inception Bulk Transportation has specialized in transportation of dry and liquid commodities. Through commitment to its core values of safety, ethical behavior, and accountability of all company representatives the organization has grown rapidly over the years.

Bulk Transportation

Safety for our employees, customers, vendors, the environment, and the general public in the communities we operate within are the utmost priority of Bulk Transportation. At Bulk we believe strongly in a proactive safety culture which all personnel from all levels must be actively engaged in to ensure at the end of the work day everyone gets home safely.

Bulk Transportation has 8 terminal operations in California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas with approximately 300 employees to provide service to its customers. As a family owned business Bulk Transportation realizes its strongest asset are its dedicated employees who are the driving force of Bulk's success. The tank truck industry requires highly skilled experienced professionals and we believe our driver force is the top 1%.

Bulk Transportation continues to grow and expand into new geographical markets through acquisitions of new business as well as expansion through partnerships with its core customers. In addition to traditional transportation services Bulk also offers rail to truck offloading facilities in Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon for customers that wish to utilize rail and truck services and Bulk operates a tank cleaning facility at its Walnut, CA facility which offers customer specific cleaning protocols.