Safety and our drivers comfort are always considered when we purchase a truck and for over 50 years our truck of choice has been Kenworth. All of our tractors are ordered to the highest level of comfort and with the following accessories:

  • Kenworth T-800 and T-680 tractors equipped with spacious climate controlled 62 in AeroCab stand up sleeper bunks, VIT leather interior.
  • KW Navigation systems, pre-wired cabs for CB, television, and satellite radio.
  • Peoplenet Telematics
  • Cummins and Paccar 485 HP engines with Fuller 10 speed transmissions
  • Kenworth Air Ride suspension with all wheel Disc Brakes
  • Alcoa Dura-Brite polished aluminum wheels with Michelin tires.
  • Dual Polished aluminum fuel tanks.
  • Drum Stainless Steel and Roper Cargo pumps
  • Tractor mounted Hose rack equipped with driver assigned hoses.


Polar Tank Trailers and Brenner Trailers have been the trailer of choice for Bulk Transportation. We expect and appreciate the high standards of quality, safety, and longevity we receive from these trailer manufacturers. Bulk Transportation operates over 400 trailers. Our trailers are equipped with the following:

  • Polar and Brenner DOT 407 trailers.
  • Three and four compartment insulated and non-insulated.
  • Two compartment four axle insulated trailers for heavy hauls.
  • Girard and Fort Vale pressure vents Betts internal and external valves.
  • Fall protection and ground level venting.
  • Polar DOT 412 Acid Trailers
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel-Internally lined with Natural and Chlorobutyl Rubber, Derakane and Herisite trailers
  • Girard and Fort Vale Pressure vents, Betts internal and external valves
  • Fall protection and ground level venting
  • Pneumatic Dry Bulk
  • Semi and double trailer configurations
  • Trailer capacity's up to 1800 Cu.Yd.
  • Box Vans
  • Flatbeds & Step Decks