Safety and Quality First!

Leading manufacturers of chemical, petroleum, and bulk liquid products number among our many valued customers. As does your company, they demand the safe, dependable, responsible, and the on-time performance record provided by Bulk Transportation. Our company has invested in leading-edge technology that we put to work to safely meet your needs.

At Bulk Transportation we are committed to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, visitors, and the communities we serve. This commitment extends to the roadways on which our vehicles operate and to the general public. Our management bears the ultimate responsibility, authority, and accountability for environmental health and safety performance. All of our employees and contractors are trained and have a responsibility for their own individual safety, the safety of other persons, and the protection of the environment. This commitment to environmental health and safety is vital to our Company's success.

In support of our commitment and company policy, we shall:

  • Strive to maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and adhere to Company policies and procedures.
  • Include health, safety and environmental considerations in our daily operations, decision-making, and development or revision of policies and procedures.
  • Provide management leadership and guidance to our employees and contractors to share in our commitment for continuous improvement of environmental health and safety performance.
  • Develop and maintain standards, policies, procedures and training to ensure our employees and contractors can perform their jobs safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Communicate any and all developments and revision concerning environmental health and safety policies, procedures or practices.
  • Every Bulk Transportation employee and contractor has a duty to conduct business in a responsible manner and is empowered with the authority to stop and report any unsafe acts or conditions immediately.

Bulk Transportation is dedicated to being your partner in success. Contact us today to find out why so many companies choose the advantages of using Bulk Transportation.